Welcome to our integrated facility for design and manufacture of high pressure gas cylinder valves

enquiry checklist


We would appreciate receiving following information at the time of receiving enquiry for gas cylinder valves.

Existing customers

  1. Gas service for which the valves are intended to be used.

  2. Our series number.

  3. Tekno Part number (If known).

  4. Previous supply reference (If any).

  5. Proposed ordering quantity.

  6. Mode of shipping (Road/Sea/Air).

For first time users with no history of using Tekno valves

  1. Our series number (which is most suitable for the intended application).

  2. Inlet size of the valves (Refer Inlet chart for details).

  3. Outlet size/Outlet number of valves.

  4. Valve body material (Brass/Steel/Stainless steel etc).

  5. Maximum Working pressure of the valves.

  6. Maximum Test pressure of the cylinder and filling ratio (In case of valves for liquefiable gases as per EN ISO 10297:2006).

  7. Operating mechanism- (Specifically whether valves required are key or wheel operated).

  8. PRD type and rating of the PRD (If required).

  9. Name of standard to which valves need to confirm.

  10. Proposed ordering quantity.

  11. Inspection requirement.

  12. Mode of shipping (Road/Sea/Air).

  13. Terms of Quote (FOB/CIF/C&F etc).