Welcome to our integrated facility for design and manufacture of high pressure gas cylinder valves

ensuring symmetry

Our works have adequate in-house test and calibration facilities for testing of input, process and finished material. From use of spectrometer for checking chemical composition, verification of mechanical properties to ascertaining stresses in copper alloys in the chemical laboratory, each batch of raw material is earnestly checked before use.




Calibration facilities:
Floating carriage micrometer
Range of master wear check thread and plain gauges
Comparison test pump
Digital torque transducer
Batch testing facilities:
Spring tester, UV Black light inspection, Plating thickness tester, Hydraulic test bench, Extrusion test bench, Tensile testing machine, Izod Impact test machine.
Design testing facilities:
Low and high temperature tightness set up, Cyclic testing and activation test bench, Endurance test set up, Vibration test machine, Rotameters, Valve impact test facility, Excessive torque test vice.