Welcome to our integrated facility for design and manufacture of high pressure gas cylinder valves

precision working

The quality of machining, degree of automation, flexibility and machining of complex components in a single set up, differentiates us from competition. Single point cutting with high pressure coolant avoid stresses from developing during machining. The diverse range of CNC machines and process automation allow setting machines for small batch sizes as well as provide capability to mass produce components.




The Machine shop includes a range of:
2-axis CNC Turning machines with Robotic cell for unmanned loading and unloading.
2-axis CNC Turning machines with indexing chucks.
Vertical Machining Centers with ATC and pallet changer.
Twin Spindle Turn Mill machines with Y- axis.
Twin Spindle, Twin Turret Turn Mill Centers for enhanced productivity.
Multi tasking new generation CNC machines with 120 degree B axis for unparalleled accuracy.