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Tekno Valves introduces SWN-12/O series

7th April, 2017: Tekno Valves is pleased to announce certification of SWN-12/O, wheel operated soft seated valves in O-ring seal design, intended for oxygen, hydrogen and inert gas application.

The design is an upgrade of our earlier series CWH-10/O, with a robust construction rated up to 360 bar test pressure (WP-300 bar) for oxygen and other oxidizing gases and up to 540 bar (WP-450 bar) for other gases. 

SWN-12/O is tested and certified to EN ISO 10297:2014 by BAM Berlin  (BAM procedure DG-15-046) and available with “Pi” mark in accordance with European Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED), 2010/35/EU (Type approval certificate BAM-TPED-2017-003).

Click here for product details of SWN-12/O

Click here for BAM test report of SWN-12/O

Click here for Type approval certificate of SWN-12/O

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