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valve marking


In general, valve markings are provided as per the national/international standard to which the valves comply. Additional markings are also provided as per drawings and customer requirement.

Below are some valve markings and its significance. Each valves may not have all the markings listed below and it is advised to check the markings which will be provided at the time of ordering.

  1. "BB" - Batch number on valve body.

  2. Date of manufacture – "YY/MM" or "YYYY/MM" for valves as per EN ISO 10297:2006, "MM/YY" for valves as per CGA V-9-05 and QQ/YY for valves as per IS:3224:2002.

  3. Manufacturer’s identification.

  4. "ISO V"- Coded number of EN ISO 10927 standard.

  5. "V9" - Coded number for CGA V-9 standard.

  6. ISI mark and IS standard number- BIS inspection and name of standard to which the valves are certified.

  7. Working pressure of the valve - for compressed gases.

  8. Test pressure of the valve - for liquefiable gases (For valves manufactured to EN ISO 10297).

  9. Chemical symbol of the gas for which the valves are meant to be used.

  10. Identification of the valve inlet connection.

  11. Identification of the valve outlet connection.

  12. Maximum rated pressure of the burst disc.

  13. Maximum yield temperature or range of the fusible alloy.

  14. “CM/L-XXXXXXX” - Seven digit BIS License No.

  15. "" – Compliance mark for European Transportable Pressure Equipment directive (TPED).

  16. "0589"- Four digit identification number of the Notified body for TPED. In this case 0589 is the identification no of BAM,Germany (www.bam.de).

  17. “XXX” kgs- Maximum permitted total package mass for which the valves has been tested for the cylinder to be used without any protective cap.

  18. "Made In India" - Country of Manufacture.

  19. "XXXXXXX" - Seven digit alpha numeric item code.

  20. "EN 144-1" – Name of the European standard (For valves for Breathable air).

  21. "200" - Nominal pressure 200 Bar connection as per EN 144-2.

  22. "300" - Nominal pressure 300 Bar connection as per EN 144-2.