New Product Development

Tekno Valves introduces SWN-12/C and IWN-12/C series

30th April, 2016:

30th April 2016: Tekno Valves is pleased to announce certification of SWN-12/C, wheel operated soft seated valves in O-ring seal design, mainly intended for carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide gas mixtures but can also be used for inert gases where the application requires high flow.

The design is an upgrade of our earlier series CWH-10/C and has a more robust construction and a SS-303 lower spindle to eliminate the problem of stress corrosion of the spindle skirting associated with brass material in carbon dioxide service.

The design is also available with an optional inline residual pressure device (RPD), series IWN-12C, to prevent ingress of contamination by maintaining positive pressure in the cylinder. The RPD also incorporates a non-return function to prevent back flow of fluids into the cylinder from a higher pressure source. 

SWN-12/C and IWN-12/C are tested and certified to EN ISO 10297:2014 for maximum test pressure of 360 bar by BAM Berlin  (BAM procedure DG-15-067) and available with “Pi” mark in accordance with European Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED), 2010/35/EU (Type approval certificate BAM-TPED-2016-008).