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Series HBA-10/I for SCBA application now available with EN 144-1:2018 and EN 144-2:2018 certification and with inbuilt Pressure Gauge

10th February, 2020:

Tekno Valves is pleased to announce compliance of HBA-10/I design valves for Self-contained Breathing Apparatus to the latest EN 144-1:2018 and
EN 144-2:2018 standard. HBA-10/I valves are already certified to EN ISO 10297:2017 and supplied with “Pi” mark in compliance with TPED 2010/35/EU.

The most significant difference between EN 144-1:2018 and the earlier EN 144-1:2000/A2:2005 standard is that the new standard contains requirements for impact resistance for the connection between a gas cylinder and a gas cylinder valve. Meeting the new impact test requirement ensures that the cylinder valve has adequate strength and shall not break or exhibit leakage if the cylinder is dropped inadvertently by the user during operation.

In addition, Tekno Valves is pleased to offer HBA-10/I design valves with inbuilt WIKA pressure gauge and pressure relief device (optional), with
EN 144-1:2018, EN 144-2:2018 and EN ISO 10297:2017 approval.

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