New Product Development

Tekno Valves introduces SSWN-22/V-S3 series

21st February, 2020:

Tekno Valves is pleased to offer Handwheel operated Stainless Steel Cylinder Valve for Ammonia and Amines 
in Stainless steel body in SSWN-22/V-S3 design.

The design has two-piece spindle and uses compressed packing backed by O-ring sealing technology to provide reliable operation 
during the entire service life while ensuring low torque operation and freedom from gland leakage in service. 
The design also prevents gas contamination as there is no lubrication and threaded parts in the gas wetted area.

The design series is offered in PCTFE/PA 66 seating and choice of EPDM/FKM O-ring depending upon gas application 
and is suitable for maximum test pressure of 250 bar.

The design is tested and certified to EN ISO 10297:2017 by BAM Berlin (BAM procedure DGA-19-027) and available with “Pi” mark in accordance with 
European Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED), 2010/35/EU (Type approval certificate BAM-TPED-2018/003).


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