New Product Development

SWN-12/O receives CGA V-9:2019 certification

16th March, 2021:

Tekno Valves is pleased to announce the approval of SWN-12/O design to CGA V-9-2019 by BAM.    

SWN-12/O is wheel operated valves in O-ring seal design for Oxygen and other technical gases and already certified to EN ISO 10297:2017 since April 2017. SWN-12/O is approved for Oxygen up to WP-300 bar and for non-oxidizing gases up to WP-450 bar.

Besides, we are pleased to introduce SWN-12/N design with EN ISO 10297:2017 and CGA V-9:2019 approval for non-oxidizing gases up to WP-300 bar. 

SWN-12/N is designed with SS-303 lower spindle to eliminate stress corrosion in soft seal retention skirts associated with brass material in Inert + Carbon dioxide mixture.

SWN-12/O and SWN-12/N series shall now be supplied with “ISO V” as well as “V-9” marking to demonstrate compliance to both the widely accepted standards. 

NOTE: CGA V-9:2019 covers cylinder valve design, manufacture, and use including performance requirements such as operating temperature limits, pressure ranges, and flow capabilities. It also includes requirements such as materials, inlet and outlet connections, cleaning, qualification and production testing, maintenance, and reconditioning. 

CGA V-9:2019 was published on November 15, 2019, with an effective date of three years from date of publication. 

For cylinder valves to meet CGA V-9:2019, it shall meet the requirements of ISO 10297 as well as additional requirements given in this standard. 

Tekno Valves is a member of Compressed Gas Association, since 2008.