New Product Development

Tekno Valves introduces HBA-10/I series

30th July, 2015:

30th July 2015 : Tekno valves is pleased to announce certification of HBA-10/I series brass valves in O-ring seal design for breathable air cylinders used in self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). The design is tested and certified by BAM Berlin to EN ISO 10297:2014 and EN 144-1 (BAM procedure DG-14-095) and available with “Pi” mark in accordance with European Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive (TPED), 2010/35/EU (Type approval certificate BAM-TPED-2013/012) and offers significant benefits compared to the earlier HBA-10 design as well as other valve designs available in the market. Design comparison and feature benefits shall be sent on request.

HBA-10/I is available in three different hand wheel colors (blue, black and photo luminescent) and in variety of options like EFV, sintered filter, anti-dust tube depending upon buyer’s application and preference.  The valve design is also available in self-locking and normal hand wheel.

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